What is Opportunity?

Opportunity is the Principality of Monaco's first social network.

Opportunity and the Principality of Monaco?

Opportunity is open to users from all over the world, who are looking for a glamorous, sporty, dynamic and proactive network, which also offers the highest levels of privacy and security available.

What is Opportunity's purpose?

Opportunity is a valuable tool for people who are keen to discover the Principality of Monaco through a social network, and at the same time, it helps one to stay in contact with friends and to meet new ones, to share experiences and businesses.

Opportunity and the World of Business?

The Principality of Monaco is an essential centre of interest and business at a global level. To obtain important benefits from Opportunity, which is free and can be used to promote one's activities or profession.

Is Opportunity completely free?

Yes! There are no subscription or user fees, Opportunity is completely free.

Is it possible to promote activities or products on Opportunity?

Yes! It is possible to promote and publish products and activities (which comply to our conditions) for free.

Is paid advertising possible on Opportunity?

A paid advertising broadcasting service shall soon be available for all those who wish to benefit from this service.

Who can subscribe?

Any person, commercial activity, association, body and institution, from any sectors or nationalities may subscribe freely.

From what age may one register on Opportunity?

Subscription and use of Opportunity are allowed from 16 years of age.

How many posts can one publish per day?

There is no maximum number of posts, however an anti spam filter is set up to avoid repetitive publications.

Why does Opportunity allocate prizes for free?

Because we wish to give added value to our service which is available for our users. We are aware of the time that our users dedicate to the network and the prizes are a way of acknowledging it.

Which prizes are allocated?

Wanting its users to discover the unique charm of the Principality of Monaco, Opportunity offers Monte-Carlo Invitation gift cards to its community, enabling the discovery of the Monte-Carlo Resort, 'Société des Bains de Mer' and its prestigious venues.

What are Virtual Gains and what is their use?

Gains are virtual points which are obtained by accomplishing actions within the social network, consequently it is a practical tool which enables to assess the community's level of satisfaction and interest. What is more, they enable one to win prizes and rewards that are at users' disposal for free.

How can one obtain virtual points?

The Gains may either be accumulated in an active way, that is to say by accomplishing an action (for example by publishing a post or by 'liking') or in a passive way, when an action is related to one's post (for example by receiving a 'like' or when one's post is shared etc)

How frequently must one connect to obtain virtual points?

Opportunity is a social network that rewards its users for the quality of their interactions, there is no link with time use.

What is a 'dedicated' user?

It's a user who has obtained a certain determined score of Virtual Gains and who has acquired a particular status, that allows him/her to access determined features.

Where can one check his/her Gains?

It is very easy to check ones own Gains, simply select the 'GAINS' tab on the horizontal menu.

Is it possible to report problems or to directly communicate with the Opportunity Team?

Of course! In the menu at the top right hand side, there is a section 'report an error' which is designed to allow users to send suggestions, requests and indicate possible errors etc…Feedback is fundamental to improve Opportunity, day after day.

Is there an Opportunity app?

Currently there is a notification app which allows one to know when other users are interacting with one's own account: messages, post comments, friendship requests. This app is available for Android and iOS. However, it is possible to save the Opportunity page on one's smartphone home page and have direct access to the social network.

Is it possible to send messages or publish posts with the app?

At the moment no. Opportunity is currently a web application and in order to access it from one's mobile, it is necessary to use a browser. At present, the application lets one receive notifications that are linked to the most relevant interactions that take place on the social network.